Hi there! New to the forum and with some questions


New member
Apr 30, 2017
Well after checking most of the sub-forums I guess I better start here.

I landed on the forum after checking the main website and as this days I was "playing around" with coding my first Kodi AddOn I decided to make an account so I can ask a few questions for now.

I did a very very basic addon (still on development and lot to improve) following some youtube videos and using a guide on a website also. The addon pulls some playlists from Youtube and displays them on Kodi, and also has a menu item that opens a list with all the youtube channels of the users with videos on those playlists.

I haven't yet read all the tutorials and documentation on the Official Kodi Website, but planning on doing so.

My main question at this point is. How would one choose a repository, or how someone apply to get his addon added on a repository?

Well, I still have lot of questions and things to learn, but have to start somewhere ;)

Thanks for reading and thanks for the welcome to the forum.