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Jun 23, 2015
Hi eveyone ( owners, admins and users ). this is my 1st day in the forum and hope to be an active part it :)


Sep 29, 2012
US of A (Deep Deep South)
hello and welcome to the home of the best third party kodi add-ons AND the home to the most amazing community of kodi enthusiasts around, the amount of knowledge gathered here and the willingness of our members to share and help never ceases to amaze me, there are links in my signature that can help you get familiar with the forum and i am available via PM if you encounter something that you just cant figure out, i think you will quickly come to enjoy it here as much as i do, thanks so much for registering and joining our 'family', i look forward to seeing you around the forum!

p.s. - ive been absent from the forum for a while so i havent been able to keep up with the welcome messages, i try to keep up with all introductions and reply to each individually so i hope you can forgive the 'form letter' nature of this reply, it would have taken forever to post a separate reply for all the introductions i missed while away