How do I get Indigo to work?


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Jan 28, 2020
I have a preloaded Kodi Android box that has Indigo already loaded as a program add-on and a video add-on. However, when I try to open it I get a error message that says it's "unavailable, try later". One reason I got this particular box was that automatically updates 👍. But I'm not sure that it's set to the correct update (latest version I see is 4.0.17). As far as configuring, I'm able to access where I'm able to make changes but, I have no idea whatsoever what I'd be reconfiguring so I make no changes 🤪🤣 (I do see where I'm able to enter a "GitHub Personal API Key" but have no idea what that is either!) I'd love to go in and explore what Indigo has to offer but can't get it open. Any suggestions? As I said before, it's a preloaded Kodi Android box so I don't have the same menus as most Kodi users. I have to access everything through a "Kodi Media Center". Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏.


Jan 1, 2018
Normally these preloadex boxes have a normal Kodi withall the settings etc. You could install a original official version of Kodi from (Google apps store, or zip file via Kodi on your box, or a zip file with your PC on a memory stick that you then use to install on you stick with for instance the app-installer on your Android apps in your box. Then install via TVADDONS all you need, including Indigo.
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