How save is Real-Debrid (Datalogging)


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Apr 12, 2015

im using Real-Debrid for a year now and im really happy with it, its cheap and works great.

but im a bit concerned about the data they log.

in their privacy policy they say:

"Files links that Users download are stored in a database for legal concerns and our internal use. All saved links are erased within 1 month for security reasons and service needs. However all requests made on our site are stored for 1 year, the legal retention period."

one year is a really long time, im using a vpn on my htpc,
but it bothers me that everything that im watching is logged (about 100GB/ month)

the vpn would be useless if real-debrid would hand out my data.

the Court of Justice of the European Union declared streaming illegal, about 2 weeks ago.
i only have 2 weeks left on my subscription, so im not sure if i want to continue to use real-debrid and to have all my data collected for a whole year.

are there other premium services which have a no logging policy like a good vpn provider?
real-debrid is located in france, i dont know the french laws, is it likely that the french government would get the logs very easily?
what about they are located in hong kong, would this make it harder to obtain logs?

what is your opinion on this?
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Sep 21, 2014
I have been using PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS (PIA) for over a year, and they do not keep any logs and only cost about USD $38/year.


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Sep 1, 2015
never use real info - when signing up for real debrid or any other. open an account on a reseller like while on vpn. also open an amazon account while on vpn using bogus info. use a visa gift card to purchase amazon -gift and email it to reseller. just make sure vpn is active and use bogus everything. then go to real debrid on vpn and use the voucher from reseller to pay. avoid all debrid, i got a 6 month with them in this way and a week later it all stopped working saying ip not valid. turns out all debrid for some reason forbids use of a vpn, which scares me. needless to say bye bye all debrid.

always use vpn with any downloader or stream. some will tell you it doesnt matter but better safe than sorry. i have 3 pi3's running libreelec that are always connected thru vpn and run kodi on an 2 i7 htpc because i use almost all x265 now, both never see the internet unless thru a tunnel.
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