How to add BLURAY ISO in movie LIBRARY with universal movie scraper? or anything like that...

Thomas Reynold

New member
Oct 14, 2019
Hi, I had searched for this but could only find old info and no useful information about it.
I have a folder named after the movie and the bluray iso is named the same inside it.
Opening via file browser works, kodi seems to mount the .iso and shows 2 folders BDMV and certificate and similar .
Opening BDMV folder and selecting the last file in there prompts me a menu where I can, amongst other options, select to play the movie and it plays back just fine.
But updating database doesn't show me the movie, it's not found, also no entry in the logs.
How can I get universal movie scraper to find the bluray iso and display it like any .mkv file in my movie library? It means that on one click the whole movie plays back. what to do now ? any suggestions ?