[HOW TO] Install XBMC on Amazon Fire TV Using Nothing But Your Android Phone Or Table


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Dec 1, 2014
Thanks Showgun. Just followed these instructions and with my Nexus4, I got the install done on the Fire TV in no time. Excellent.


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Nov 8, 2015
How to sideload Kodi or other apps on the Fire TV Stick (or Fire TV) via phone (or similar android device)
You won’t be able to install the Google Play Store or other apps that rely on the Google Services Framework unless you root your device.
Loading Kodi
1. Navigate to the Settings screen.
2. Scroll over to the System option and then scroll down until you see “Developer Options” and hit the select button.
3. Now flip the toggles to turn on ADB debugging and Apps from Unkown Sources.
4. Hit the back arrow on your remote to return to the System settings.
5. Scroll up until you find “About,” hit select, and then scroll down to “Network” and make note of the IP address. You cannot connect a Fire TV Stick to a PC with a USB cable(PC won’t see stick), so have to connect over WiFi, and that’s where that IP address is needed.
6.Set up Fire stick on TV and install one of the included apps in Firestick that is a file manager.
7.Download from google play store the app “Apps2Fire “ onto your phone ,insert the IP address you noted for the stick ,then download onto phone the kodi app and whatever repositories or programs you are interested in .
8.Then upload files to the firestick through the Apps2Fire .
9.Navigate to SD card( the internal memory on firestick) to downloads to ensure they are there and start install of Kodi via settings>applications>launch applications . Once that’s done you will have to navigate to Kodi and set it up within by installing your repositories and programs from the zip files etc.

This method worked for me as the Apps2Fire worked on my phone (it may not work for all ). I spend a lot of time trying to add Kodi to stick via windows computer methods ,found it frustrating as it worked only once (otherwise the computer registered no connection to stick ) but the installation itself on firestick failed.


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Oct 11, 2013
Used your fantastic guide and easily installed Kodi to my new fire stick.
Thanks showgun - it was so easy!
Also used apps2fire as posted above to send files to device.
This site is such a fantastic resource.
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