How to Transfer Files to and From your Amazon Fire TV (AFTV)


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Dec 1, 2014
After having difficulty trying to SSH into my AFTV and then getting some valuable help from users here, I wrote the following mini guide to help others that may want to know how set up a simple FTP session into their AFTV. While much of the information came from various sources and my trial and error testing I would like to give credit to user RustyTongueRing from another forum from which I found the detailed WinSCP setup details. I invite other users to comment or make suggestion/corrections if I made any errors.

There may be times when you want or need to add, move, copy, or delete files on your AFTV. While these actions can for the most part be accomplished using side loaded ES File Explorer (or similar tool), some may find it somewhat difficult to navigate the menus with the AFTV remote. One solution allowing for the use of a computer with mouse and keyboard navigation on the same wireless network is to side load an FTP server on the AFTV and install an FTP client on your computer.

Over the last couple of days I tried several different programs, researched several threads, tested different setups, and found Windows Secure Copy (WinSCP) and ES File Explorer easy to setup and use with an AFTV. It should be noted other applications also work well and may offer even more options for advanced users but this set up works well for basic users like me.

Once installed, use the following steps to open a session between your computer and AFTV.

1) On the AFTV navigate to Settings--> Applications--> Manage installed applications--> Select ES Explorer--> Launch application.

2) When ES File Explorer opens, use the remote and select Network--> Remote Manager--> Turn on. ES Explorer will generate the IP address and port number (in the following format " port#") which you enter into WinSCP in step 3.

3) On your computer open WinSCP and enter the IP address and port number provided from step 2 above and set the following options; in the "Session Box" set the File Protocol as FTP; click the "Tools" button (bottom left) then select Preferences--> Panels then in the "Common Box" tick "Show hidden files". Enter "root" for username and "admin" for password and select the "Log In" button to open the session.

Once opened, the left screen shows the files and directories on your computer and the right screen shows the files and directories on your AFTV allowing you to add, move, copy, or delete files between devices with just a few clicks.

Session settings can be saved allowing subsequent sessions to be re-opened without having to re-enter the above settings each time.
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