Hulu Accidentally Leaks Upcoming Fargo Episode

Eleazar Coding

Retired Moderator
Oct 10, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel
Impatient fans of the popular FX series Fargo got lucky today. At least, those who are used to downloading or streaming it without permission.
The seventh episode of season two is scheduled to air tonight but thousands of people have already grabbed a copy from various torrent sites.
The leak originates from Hulu where the video was made freely available this weekend, by mistake. Hulu offers the second season of Fargo with a select cable subscription but the upcoming episode was reportedly listed under season one.
The error was noticed by several people and after roughly a day Hulu took the video down. But by then it was already too late.
This morning several copies of the leaked episode were uploaded onto torrent sites and since then thousands of people have downloaded it. Although some were skeptical, the episode is indeed real and the full version.
Screenshot of the leaked Fargo episode

The leak is unique as the source of the pre-release is an online streaming service. Most TV-show leaks we’ve seen recently come from so-called screener DVDs which are sent out for promotional purposes.
For Hulu, which is owned by media giants NBCUniversal Television, Fox Broadcasting and Disney–ABC Television, the mistake is quite an embarrassment. However, since it happened less than a day before the official premiere the effect of the leak should be limited.
TorrentFreak has asked Hulu for a comment on the news but at the time of publishing we have yet to receive a reply.
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Source: TorrentFreak