Indigo Backup problem


New member
Feb 17, 2017
I have install Kodi (16) & Indigo on my Windows 7 laptop.
I have also installed both on a fireTV stick.

fireTVstick Issue:
The backup does not work to my NAS drives.
The error is IOError (Errno2) No such file or directory: 'smb//DLINK-1/Volume_2/firetv/Backups/fireTVstick #2/'
I have tried this to the root of the drive to eliminate any spaces or odd characters in the path name but it still fails.
The same process to the same path works OK on my laptop, as does the restore
The Kodi "Backup" addon to the same path works fine, so the FTV can talk to the NAS OK.
I have uploaded the log to

Has anyone run a NAS backup from an FTV stick or does it not support NAS?

Thanks Steve