Indigo Problem need Help


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May 24, 2017
Hello I am new here need some help. Today update kodi I followed the patch and the instructions for the Amazon Fire stick but after 3 tries I am here. I tried read about every one else see if they came up with a resolution but could seem to find something that works.
I saw problem starts from were I am supposed to configure wizard says that there is slow or no download, it re-tries but then says there is no zip, then it tries again and says complete. But nothing works.
I then tried to rejuvenate kodi but that didn't work said error no zip. A pop comes up with Idigo error check log. So I tried to check the log but wouldn't allow me. I tried to upload the log also said error check log.
I have tried to delete it and start over for the 2nd attempt. I also tired the adding fusion part again didn't work.
So I am not really sure were to go from here other then ask since I see lot people with similar issues is there another update I should wait for?
Or is there any ideas on how I can fix it.
Thank you again for everything you guys do thank u

sorry for anything doesnt make sense or my misspellings
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