IP VANISH - MIA From latest Review - Real Debrid Conflicts?


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Dec 1, 2017
I had only done a 90 day contract with IP VANISH to test them out as this was my first use of a VPN. It will need to be renewed soon and I just read Eleazar's comprehensive 3/4/18 Survey of VPN Providers and was surprised to see IP VANISH was conspicuously missing from it. Though I would have preferred the Survey Results be in some form of matrix format that would have allowed easy comparisons, I'm now hesitant in renewing my use of IP VANISH due to there absence in it. Will we ever know the reason they decided not to participate? If anyone has really dug into the survey results (and are the answers they gave accurate?) and can offer some shopping pointers, I'm sure many of us would be interested in hearing them.... And I just read that Real Debrid may have issues with IP Vanish as they are not listed as a "Cooperative" VPN...... and what I only noticed now was Real Debrid's White List of Cooperative VPN Providers is only 7 Total....

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