Is Putlocker Dead? Streaming Site Directs Users to ‘Scammy’ Videos

Eleazar Coding

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Oct 10, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel
With dozens of millions of monthly views, Putlocker is the go-to video streaming site for many people. Or was, we should say.
The site has had its fair share of trouble over the past year. It had to switch domain names on a few occasions, in part due to legal pressure.
Most recently, the domain name started redirecting to and with this switch came another crucial change. For more than a week now, the site has become unusable.
Regular visitors have noticed the absence of new content and are no longer able to leave comments.
Even worse, perhaps, the movies and TV-shows that are still listed don’t link to actual content. Instead, they are advertising a suspicious third-party service that asks for people’s credit card details, and is unlikely to offer what they’re looking for.
While Putlocker has had some technical issues before, the current situation appears to be different. We can only speculate, but it might very well be that the site won’t return to its former glory and that the operator has decided to throw in the towel.
In fact, with all the recent domain changes it’s unknown whether the site is still in the hands of the original operator at the moment.
Video ad on Putlocker

What we do know is that the site has faced quite a bit of legal pressure over the past few months. Late last year the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) marked the site as a notorious market that should be dealt with.
“The operator of Putlocker is believed to be based in Vietnam and appears to be taking actions to evade enforcement measures,” USTR wrote in its annual overview.
“For example, in 2016 Putlocker hopped domains from the country code top-level domain of Iceland (.is) to Switzerland (.ch) and started using reverse proxy services to obscure the location of its hosting provider,” the report added.
And that wasn’t all. Two weeks ago, right before the current trouble started, the US Ambassador to Vietnam urged the local Government to criminally prosecute the operator of Putlocker.
Whether or not Putlocker will return is uncertain, but considering the pressure it might not be a surprise if the operator has decided to step aside, at least for the time being.
This doesn’t mean that the Putlocker brand will disappear, however. As usual, there are several copycats waiting in line to take over the site’s traffic, taking advantage of the confusing situation.
Update: now redirects to, but otherwise nothing has changed.
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Apr 5, 2017
Petah Tikva israel
Hello Eleazar,
I've been trying to reach you for a long time. I tried to send you a direct message, but for some reason I can not send. I want to use mp3 streams addon.
But every time a song starts, it goes automatically 30 seconds later to the next song.
I would be very grateful for assistance. Is there a way to contact you?


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Apr 18, 2015
So it looks like Putlocker is gone, at least until confirmation either way. Seeing that it is\was a major source for a lot of the add-ons perhaps now all those complaining that Ex**us et al skips through links and "nothing plays" might start to understand that there are forces outside of all our control that can stop them watching the lastest episodes of their TV shows and not necessarily a problem with the add-on itself.