Request Issue after switching ISP - Any help appreciated


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Nov 2, 2017
I apologize if this is duplicate. I honestly searched for hours trying to find what may be the issue, but couldn't find anything.

I switched my ISP from ******* to RCN and have been having difficulty getting high quality streams with my video-adon. Prior to the switch, there were no issues.

Here are my details and I would really appreciate any tips or direction anyone may have:
1. FireTV (complete reinstall of both kodi 17.5 and ********)
2. VyperVPN on FireTV app
3. All feeds are marked to search and the for the max time

When I click on a stream, the video will act like it's going to start to load and then it just does nothing. It also only seems to have sd videos.

Appreciate any help.


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Oct 24, 2013
It seem like missing puzzle pieces . Need more networking info from your end.
1/ Are you running router behind their modem?
2/ Are you straightly running DHCP from their router?
3/ The DNS servers set to the new provider's DNS?
4/ .....