Issues on ATV4 with USTV Now Plugin


New member
May 6, 2012
Something weird is happening and I could use your expertise

I have 2 Apple TV4
Both with Kodi 17.0

On the one in the living room, install the latest version No problem loads and everything and works great
On the one in the Bedroom, Big Problem, same setup exactly, login with my official ID and PW,
but when I click on it the spinning wheel occurs and just sits there and nothing happens

Here is my log

I sure hope someone can help me with this
Thanks all


Staff member
Aug 2, 2015
Have you tried moving the one that is not working into the other room? I know it is probably not going to help, but it would rule out an issue with the connection in the other room. I would also recommend that you double check that you inputted the USTVnow creds correctly in the one that is not working. You should get a message if the creds are incorrect, but still just trying to think of why this could be happening.
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