jailbroken ATV1 but XBMC Fails to update and crashes. HELP ME PLEASE!


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Dec 10, 2013
Hi all.

i have jailbroken my silver AppleTV 1st gen to the exact instructions as below.
i get to step 11 with everything going fine i update the launcher and that works fine. then when i try to
update the XBMC it fails. even before i get to that it will not open the XBMC it says ...
"Error: Cannot launch XBMC/Boxee from path: ..."

does anyone know what is going wrong?

thanks in advance from a newb...


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Oct 5, 2012
I would install either crystalbuntu or openelec on your atv1, I believe the instructions you followed are outdated and can't run frodo. I have an atv1 and use crystalbuntu it was really easy to setup but I have heard good things about openelec also I just haven't tried it. http://www.crystalbuntu.com/
The crystalhd card upgrade is not required but I highly recommend it, the only downside is you lose wifi and have to run it from an ethernet cable. Good luck and just and fyi there are a lot of threads about this under the atv1 thread in the hardware forums