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Aug 20, 2014
Howdy folks,

Let me start this first thread with a huge thank you to the TV ADDONS folks. All the folks who handle the forums here and to the Devs who make this all possible.

So, saw the new forum, thought I would say howdy. I've been using XBMC/Kodi for about 4 years now, give or take. I use 3 firesticks and 1 firetv here at the house, and have set up a number of them for friends and family. I use 5 video addons and a couple of program addons, and the Fire devices work just great. If there are any questions I can assist with, I will. Of course we all have our own way of doing things and mine will be different from alot of folks, but having multiple opinions can only help.

I use a computer with ADBLink to transfer my builds to other Fire devices, but something I haven't been able to accomplish yet is to transfer my "build" to a tablet. Tried different USB drivers with no luck. Read numerous pages of info, I guess I'm screwing up somewhere.

Anyone got a suggestion for me?



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Sep 18, 2012
you would have to enable adb debugging on the tablet if you are trying to use adblink...could that be your solution ?

im guessing you cant make a connection with your tablet via adblink at the moment

other easy option is to install es file explorer on the tablet, activate the remote manager and use winscp to connect via ftp from your pc to transfer your "build" over
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Nov 21, 2012
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If it is only on one tablet, you could simply start from scratch installing Kodi and simply transfer your userdata folder to it via smb or using a dropbox.

AMOF the whole build could be transferred using a dropbox I would think.