Just installed Kodi on Google NEXUS


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Jan 25, 2015
Just did the install on a new NEXUS TV and it is great.
The instructions around the web where mostly incorrect but it was easy to figure out. Most dealt with prerelease devices.
Step 1. Setup the Nexus
Step 2. Go under apps and allow unsigned programs.
Step 3. On a computer go to the PLAY store and download ES FILE EXPLORE to the NEXUS.
Step 4. Download Kodi (the web has notes that the x86 android version has a bug so use the ARM version) Store it in a shared folder on your pc.
Step 5. Launch ES FILE EXPLORE and use the network, add server to find the kodi file. just launch it.

Its a little tricky using the remote but easy enough.
Installed all the addons and noticed that not only do I have 1080 playback but the streaming plugins seem to work better.

Plus you can load Chrome for web access and mail. Plus anything you bought from PLAY is there.

I ordered an USB adapter and IR remote so I can add a keyboard.



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Oct 19, 2014
Mine would not let ES File Explorer download so i had to buy the only file manager google would let me. 99 cents so no biggie.
Google will not even let me download chrome so had to use teamviewer to transfer the files from my comp to the Nexus box to install.

I like the remote as you do not have to point it at the box like ATV or MX
If anyone figures out how to add a show to your Favorites please let me know. I have to use my cell remote app to do it.

wakes from sleep way better and faster than ATV and MX MX was a pain that why i'm upgrading to Nexus its super fast.

Which IR remote did you order LightWizard?


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May 14, 2015
tweaked out, thanks for your post....can you pleas show me how you paid for the file (99 cents)....it wont let me in so far....thanks ahead of time