JUST wanted to say hi again and a question


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Jan 9, 2016
Hi sorry 4 the caps but i lost my ccontacts but i beeen using kodi 4 awhile but i was in a bad work accident long story plus thats not what u guys waant to hear,but omg i seeee so many changes its been welll hell idk how long but awhile,,,,,

i just now got the newest kodi 17.6 i think well im sorry for the dumb question but all i want to have kodi 4 is for me n my family to b able to watch movies,sports,my 6yr old loves wwe and i heard u can get ppv for free and is how i run my kodi i have it dl on my laptop then i just find a movie or what ever and use a ethernet cable,hook on my flatscreen and watch that i just was wondering if anyone could ggive me a sugg. On what a ggood addon to dl....would b good for what im looking for thank u so much and nice job on the new kodi and addons wooowwww

i did get set up with the step by step fusion thing they said to start with but must things were still broken but have not played around with it much i just rather asked then do something dumb .............thanks again if anone helps once again sorry 4 the capsss plus i been recovering from my accident for over 14 months and my mind is not the same sorry if i said anthing that dont make seence........but i still have my wife and my 3 beaitful kids to me,i might not b the same but i rather it b me then god forbid my kids or my wife life is getting better;);)