JYNXBOX - A couple of questions (recording to SDCard, USB Ports, WIFI/Ethernet)


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Aug 6, 2013
Good Day,

Been a longtime stawker and decided to join in after purchasing a Jynxbox Android HD (3 USB ports/micro SD slot/ethernet). (Enjoying it fully.)

I have a couple of questions that I have not found an answer, and if there is, please post the link or thread.
I assume that the questions are XBMC related, and hopefully someone has the answers.

How do I play files off of the SD Card. I have some videos from the camera that I wish to view on my SD Card.
I have gone to Video/ Files and when searching the External Storage / External SD_Card and I can't see the files.
So then I try go through Android apps / File Manager and I can't see any files either.

How do I record files / TV shows using XMBC to the SD card to see later.
I know there are PVR add ons - having a hard time installing them (I am under the assumption that an external PVR is required. Mine is old - Original LRM-519 (an LG one of the originals prior to TIVO even).)
When watching TV channels there are play/rewind/forward/stop but there is no record.

The USB ports don't seem to allow external drives. I have even plugged in USB stick and can't seem to find the files anywhere.
So am I to assume that the USB is for wireless keyboard/mouse and other hardware except additional memory?

Since the Jynxbox has an Ethernet port...
When turning it on, sometimes it goes wireless. Can I force it to go through the Ethernet port when there is an Ethernet connection instead of going wireless.
I've looked at the settings and the only thing I can do is turn off WIFI and that forces it to go ethernet. But when I take the unit upstairs where there is no connection, I want it to use WIFI and have to switch.
I know that the problem will be solved when I buy a second unit (which will be soon - any recommendations?) but this inquiring mind wants to know if there is some setting that can be done.

Thank you to all who reply.


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Jan 13, 2013
#1 did you mount the sd card in android settings?
#2 Sorry im not sure about this one but as far as i know you are right about needing the pvr set up and probably a tv card on some back end server.This might give you some idea to start http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=PVR
#3 The ports do allow external drives and usb sticks (i have the same box running linux and it works plug and play).As number 1,did you mount the drive/usb stick?
#4The internet should connect however you have it set up.If you have it wired then in the connections box it should connect wired.If its wireless then it should connect through wirelss
#5 Put linux on the box instead of android and avoid these issues lol :D

WHich android build are you on?
If you want to keep android you might want to look at this http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/xbmc-android-discussion/8158-jynxbox-android-hd-all-software-mega-thread-3.html
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