Bug Kodi 16.1 HD Streams video playback issues


New member
Aug 6, 2014

I am using MX2 boxes and have got 1 android MX2 android version 4.4 and the second one has got OPenelec version.

I am having this issue with Android box (Openelec works very good) where in HD streams are not playing fine they would just keep freezing and pixelated but audio seems to work fine.

I removed/uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled Kodi and then configured using Indigo and themn tried same addons (Ex**us, ******) but still the same so I removed kodi again and restarted box and then installed 16.1 version again and then installed only Ex**us addon (nothing else) and still the same and then removed Kodi again and then just installed ****** but still HD Streams wont play good.

I have also tried to disable all hardware accelaration (one by one option and then disabled all and also tried to enable all in playback but no luck

I am not sure why this is the case as everything was working fine before and even now everything is fine on Openelec box.

I also tried to create a log via log updater and then entered my emeail address and i requested for log but it would not send log to my email. Please help

Please help me and thanks for reading this