Kodi 17.6 issues on Linux Cinnamon 18.2 64 bit Bad Links or missing a resolver??


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Apr 26, 2018
I'm relatively new to Linux but enjoying it so far! A lot faster than I expected BUT a few more issues than when I used Win7

A few questions;
Is there a decent "favorites" tool for sorting the TV shows I like to watch? I like to keep them in weekday order so I can just open the Monday file and watch mondays shows, etc. BUT the only place I can find to put them is just in a mass clump in favorites, movies, radio station, tv shows and from each addon fills that up VERY fast and it's a pain scrolling through to find.
I'd LIKE to have separate folders in the Favorites. Something like "Movies I want to watch" "watch again later" etc also.

I tried to install the addon "Library Node Editor" and received the same error message I've been getting before.

Once I have this working well is there a way to "backup" or image the Kodi build, the configuration so I can just return to that image if I mess things up modifying later on?

Any advice on testing out / installation of things like Exudus (sp on purpose) when I've got Indigo installed already (it's not working either) but is there an order to installing other addons? Do I need to go through Indigo or just have it on the system is good enough?

The instructions for Indigo don't seem very complete?? https://www.tvaddons.co/kodi-addons-working
At the end of the first step it's almost like there's a paragraph missing? PLUS it doesn't say how to install other addons or repos in case we were wanting to try it? Unless I missed it?