KODI 18.0-Beta 3 - R Pi3 B+ - LibreElec 8.9 - Stream video playback skips 5 to 30 sec


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Oct 28, 2018
This problem doesn't happen all the time. Only on specific addon sources when the video quality is really good.

When I playback a video from an addon source, the video plays fine for few minutes, and all of a sudden it starts skipping 4 to 30 seconds randomly every few minutes or seconds. I found similar problems reported and tried the suggestions which helped resolve their problem by changing the advancedsettings.xml to


The 1889280 is 30% of available FREE memory on the Raspberry Pi when I go to system information.

But, even then my problem didn't resolve. Then there were few other recommendations to change the Video playback framerate, autio sync settings, hardware acceleration etc. But nothing helps.

I have attached herewith the Information level log file from my Kodi when the video was being played. Can you please help me identify the issue and resolve this video skipping problem?

Kodi Version: 18.0-BETA3 Git:newclock5_18.0b3-Leia
Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit - Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with 16GB MicroSD class 10
OS: LibreELEC (official): 8.90.006 9.0, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.18.11

Here is the Kodi info level log

Here is some additional information about the video which was playing from the additional information shown on screen with the "o" key:

Mem: 634592/765896 KB - FPS: 29.3 fps
CPU: #-: 22% #1: 38% #2: 35% #3: 24% (CPU-KODI 112.85%)

Video coder: ff-h264-mmal (SW)
Pixel format: yuv420P
Deinterlace method: none
Video stream: 720x480 px, 1.82 AR, 24.000 FPS
Audio stream: FL, FR, ff-aac, 32 bits, 48,000 Hz
System memory usage: 17% Sustem CPU Usage: #0: 22% #1: 38% #2: 35% #3: 24%