Kodi addons do not work with Andriod


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Jun 26, 2014

I bought an android TV box with kodi Jarvis 15.1 installed on it. When I tried to set the download path for my 1tb external hard drive with Ex**us it would not recognize the drive path. What I mean is I found the drive path but when I tried to download to it nothing was there. The download completed but the file did not show up on my hd. I used my pc and put some movies on it and kodi would see the movies and play them but I could not download externally to my hd or flash memory with kodi on an android. I can however download to the internal ram built into the adroid box. Please help!


Jun 2, 2013
Central Florida USA
One way is to Just download to the internal and move it to the external later.
Use es file explorer that's the best file manager there ever was, you may even be able to assign the external HD as internal.
Use the root explorer in tools hopefully you're rooted then you should be Abe to do whatever you want with your drives.


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Jul 7, 2016
You need to set the permissions on your Rooted android devices to allow you to write to external drives here's how for kitkat and lollipop (Marshmallow requires a different SDfix app) Install SDFIX and ES File Explorer from Play Store. Run SDFIX. In file explorer select the Root Explorer slider (on the left) and then click on the words Root Explorer, a pop-up box allows you to select "Mount R/W", then a second pop-up box allows you to select RW for the devices requiring RW access. You then are be able to make backups and downloads to the selected internal HDD and external drives. This method worked for me on an MXQ pro android box I assume it should work on your box as well considering it is an android but again that's an assumption on my part. If you cant get it to work there are other options to consider. I ended up turning an old laptop into a Kodi server with the 500 gb I have been able to record over 200 movies so far with no problems. I really love the ability to download with Ex**us and not have to worry about buffering I have been shopping around on Amazon and found 5 TB external drives for only 110 bucks. My library is about to grow 10 fold lol. Anyway I hope you get it figured out and if you have an old PC sitting in a closet somewhere collecting dust turn it into a server or if you have a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket you could look into setting up a NAS.
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