Kodi restarting constantly


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Jul 23, 2012
I may be wrong.. so bare with me..
2 weeks ago I was running my Kodi on my home theater and it popped up an error. It gave me the option of closing the program or searching for a solution online. I tried all kinds of things.. reboot.. looked at software recently loaded.. did virus checks, adaware and all of that.. nothing.. Every time I started Kodi it would crash.
I then remembered that I had changed the plug I was plugging my mini wireless keyboard into in the front to accommodate the other cable plugged in.. I then realised I had changed the keyboard to my other one as well. They are both similar and normally worked fine. I then remembered seeing an error on my screen and quickly dismissed the problem and went on with what I was doing.
I realized what I actually had done was changed the location of hardware in memory. Compatibility had moved the receiver device to an area of conflict. I removed all USB devices. I uninstalled all my USB ports and let them all find themselves again. I then plugged in the wireless keyboard I originally used before the trouble.. made sure it worked.. then started Kodi.. Voila.. no more crashes..

I'm not sure what your issue is and usually its a great idea to look at the log file. You can share that here and people far more adapt at Kodi can nail it down.. but its a good idea to try and remember what you did that started the issue.. Did you install new software.. try uninstalling it and try Kodi. Same thing with hardware.. What has changed.. Its a process of ilimination..

The best thing about fixing these things yourself is you move one step closer to never being stuck. Lets face it.. It also feels damn good..

Cheers.. I hope you find the issue.