Kodi smb windows 10 issue


New member
May 16, 2012
Hello All:
Using Kodi Android, sharing from windows 10 pc, using smb, pc is logged in with local account, everthing was okay, now I can see some of the shared folders , but no files, increased the (IRPStacksize) various times, I can see about 10 folders no content, .sometimes I get invalid argument error. I've see online that some other users are having the same issue with windows 10, but have not found a valid solution, and I've been looking for awhile now. The reason why I feel it is in windows 10, is that the same is happening on other devices (like Ipad) where Kodi is installed. I usually do a backup to my pc, and now it cannot find the path anymore to restore or o backup.

Thanks for responding.