Request Kodi Sync - Automatic synchronization of addons and configuration between Kodis


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Sep 19, 2015
The suggestion that I make for a new addon is something that I think would be extremely useful for a lot of people and is basically described in the title of the post: Kodi Sync - Automatic synchronization of addons and configuration between Kodis.

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Imagine that you have at home many devices with Kodi installed. Imagine for example that in your house live 4 people and each one has 4 devices with Kodi installed (PC, tablet, phone and android tv box), it totals 16 Kodi installations.
Of course, these numbers are exaggerated, but at least a 3-5 devices with Kodi may exist in one house.

Every day (with no exaggeration) changes in Kodi may occur, whether aesthetic or addons that are installed or removed.

Usually in a family there is only one single person with greater knowledge in Kodi who takes care of all Kodi installations, the other persons only know where to click to watch a movie.
It is then up to that one person to update all the devices with Kodi installed, so either that person goes berserk doing the same thing over and over in all devices or he doesn't do it at all or does it once or twice a year, leaving the devices not up to date.

Therefore, how handy would be something that with just one click could synchronize/update a Kodi installation, stored in a cloud or something, to another device!
It would not be quite the same thing as Kodi Backup, I'm talking about something more practical and functional, something that did not require a zip file of nearly 2 gigs like when I do a backup of my pc Kodi. Or even if that is needed, perhaps most things could just be updated and an installation from scratch would not be needed every time.

Certainly many people hate having to deal with usb pens and teamviewers loosing a lot of time upgrading each device, it's awful and time consuming. How convenient it would be to just configure one Kodi installation and then being able to mirror that installation into all our other Kodi devices!
Imagine that, to update a Kodi installation, you only have to enter an addon and click a button called "Update Kodi from you cloud" or something alike! And after 5 minutes or less, you have a mirror of your perfect Kodi installation... with just one click!

This would in fact be a very usefull tool. It could also be used to modify / update Kodis in different places and networks.
Clouds like onedrive, box, dropbox and similar could be used to store the data.

And it could also be used to easily and quickly make Kodi builds, but I'll leave that of the table for now.

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Now in terms of conception, looking at it in terms of organization, it doesn't seem like something impossible to make. The backup part would be:

-the addon creates an index of all addons installed, skins, services, configuration and whatever installed;
- that index would be displayed to choose what would be backed up, being up to the user to choose what addons he'd like to backup (or all) and if he'd like to backup also the addons configuration and all the other stuff;
- after all is chosen, the addon uploads the chosen content into a cloud and/or a local folder.

The restore part would be:

- the addon creates an index of what is installed in that Kodi to be updated;
- then the addon reads the index from the backup in the cloud and compares the two of them;
- the user then chooses what to install / update, and also if he wants to replace the addons configuration. By default the addon would highlight (mark) to install all addons not yet installed or with updates (by checking the creation or modification date of the files maybe?).

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These are some suggestions to the possible name of the addon:

. Kodi Sync
. Kodi Mirror
. Same Kodi 4 All
. Kodi Copycat (or Copykat with a "k" since there is a Marvel character called Copycat)
. 1 Kodi Fits All or One Kodi Fits All

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I have no idea if this is possible to do or not since unfortunately I'm no coder. Maybe it would be a good idea to check Kodi Backup and make a start point from there in the project.

Sorry I made this so long but I tried to make as clear and detailed as I could.

This is my suggestion for a new addon.


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Feb 13, 2016
I made my own builds (Kids Rooms, Family/living room, and man cave) stored them on and use a wizard to download them to my devices. When I make changes (aesthetic or addons that are installed or removed), I do it on one device then I back it up online. After that I have to go to each device do a fresh start and download the updated build. I would love it if someone made an addon that would automate that process for me!

Maybe if there is away to restrict the sync so box sellers won't benefit from this type of addon.....:confused:
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