Kodi taking up 7gb on iPad.


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Nov 24, 2013
Hope someone can help.

I have Kodi installed on my 16gb iPad 3.

I use 1Ch**nel, genesis, ice films and Spo*ts De*il to stream. Never download. I don't know how.

I noticed before that my 'documents and data' when plugged into iTunes was 8.5gb. I thought it was odd since I only have a 15 apps installed. No pics, music, emails, messages etc. and in settings only three apps had anything worth mentioning in 'documents and data (av player bad 1.2gb, tapped out had 700mb and office has 180mb). The others were all under 10mb.

So I figured it must either be kodi or movie box since they're not listed in settings as they're jailbroken apps.

I used the maintenance tool in kodi to clear the caches etc so assumed that was that.

But couldn't figure out what it was taking up all the space so uninstalled apps one by one and checked space afterwards.

Soon as I uninstalled kodi I was back to having 9gb free space. So kodi was taking up over 7gb.

I've reinstalled it but need to know how to stop it taking up so much space as the clearing of the caches via the maintenance tool obviously did nothing.

I wouldn't mind if I had more space but I was getting a storage almost full warning since my iPad is only 16gb so can't afford to have an app taking up almost half of that.

So can anyone tell me how to stop this repeating? Or if it does what files to delete via iFile/iFunbox to clear the caches and temp files?