Kodi / USENET / SABNZBD / SONAR / NAS ----Where to start?


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Mar 31, 2013
Ok I have been using Kodi for about a little over 5 years now and I love it! I just recently started using SABNZBD and SONAR with a USENET and I like that as well. I am running out of storage room on my 3TBs of storage so I am going to buy a NAS. I am thinking of purchasing a 4 bay NAS and starting out with two 4TBs NAS drives.

I want to be able to use SABNZBD/SONARR/RADARR combo to download directly to my NAS and be accessible by Kodi. Is this possible? Is it also possible to see my NAS library in KODI outside of my home network? For example could I pull it up on my android phone or have my parents map their Kodi to my NAS storage?

Thanks for anyone who can steer me in the right direction!


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Apr 7, 2017
Making the NAS available outside is rather easy...
First you will have to config the router to forward the proper ports to your NAS. Then work out how to call to it depending on your IP assignment. Your ISP will change your IP from time to time which will break any mapping you make outside the house.

So you probably want to sign up for a DynDNS service that hopefully your router supports internally. That will give you a domain name that can be used and updated by your router to whatever IP your ISP give the router at that moment.

As for sharing your library this way for Kodi you are likely to find it inadequate due to lack of ISP speed on either end.
What might be a better option for you is to install Plex Server on your side (If you have a PC) and add the Plex Addon to their Kodi. Plex will transcode to a bitrate more conducive to the long latency filled haul the data has to take.

I do something similar to this with my main Kodi box being an HT(full)PC which runs Kodi and Plex. I wouldn't suggest trying to run Plex on the NAS itself as transcoding is hit or miss on anything but the highest end NAS boxes.

As for downloading directly to the NAS I'm sure it can be done but I have had issues with corruption whenever I have let Kodi write to the NAS from anything but the Main HTPC itself. For this reason I have setup read only accounts on the NAS for the various Kodi Boxes and only give my main HTPC full access as the Library maintainer.

For my smaller Android Kodi Boxes I went to the local dump and found a few Laptops and pulled the drives from them. Put them into USB cases and they serve as my main storage for those smaller boxes but just about all of my Library work is done on that master HTPC I built.
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