Krypton 17.2 patch (Did it work?)


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May 21, 2017
Kingston ON Canada
I saw the message when I turned on Kodi this morning, so this evening I went to the website, read the entire page, made notes of what to do and when, then tried to follow the instructions. The first thing that happened was that Kodi would freeze just at the point where it was about to shut down. I had no idea if it completed the process or aborted. This happened twice. So, to be safe, I uninstalled Kodi, then went back to the site and downloaded Krypton 17.2 for Windows (I use Kodi on an old desktop). When I got to the part of adding the fusion installer, when I opened the File Manager, fusion was already there. When I look at my addons page, all the ones I had before were there, as if I had never uninstalled and reinstalled. So now I don't know if the patch took and it is safe to use Kodi. Plus, on the main page of tvaddons it says there is a new 17.3 version of Kodi!!! HELP! What do I do now?


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Aug 23, 2016
You should update to 17.3, 17.2 was a bad release...

And don't panic to much the 'exploit' that was patched was related to subtitles, and to the best of my knowledge was never actually exploited by anyone 'yet'...