Let me introduce myself and I have questions


New member
Jun 23, 2014
Hi, everyone

I am a Canadian and have been using Kodi for about three years now. I have recommended it to many friends and family.

That though is an issue I am sure most of you understand because since it was me that recommended it they all expect me to help with setup and trouble shooting for them. I also find myself defending Kodi.

It is double trouble for me because I have also taken two years of Computer Science at college and have experience as a CSR(Customer Support Rep.) for the high speed internet. So people expect that I know all about the workings of Kodi.

Sadly they are wrong to assume that but it has given me appreciation for all the work that has gone into developing this product and on keeping it available for people- and for free!

So I have many questions and am looking forward to the answers. This is the first time for me at the forum and I will be searching it for answers. I will try to put my questions in the appropriate categories to ensure I am a productive member and not just a nuisance.

So hello everyone and I look forward to our interactions and if you have any suggestions on how to navigate the forum I welcome your suggestions.