Request libCec settings not being saved


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Oct 5, 2016

I have a question on libCEC and Kodi.

I have Kodi installed on a windows 7 HTPC which is plugged into HDMI port 5 on my AVR. My AVR is plugged into HDMI port 2 on my TV.

To get the adapter working in Kodi, I have to configure the peripheral in the system settings with either physical address 2500, or AVR + logical port 5. Once I do this, everything works great.

However, every time I power cycle my PC, these settings get lost, and I have to reconfigure them in Kodi again. I’m not sure of this issue is with Kodi or libCEC. I have seen similar issues posted in Linux forums and the mooted fix was to set hdmi_safe=1 in a config.txt. Not sure if this fix can be applied to windows.

Any help would be appreciated.

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