Linking to Addon via .strm files


Jul 2, 2015
I was thinking of adding an add to library feature to one of my addons, I've added some of my own videos to the Movie library by hand before so was presuming it would be a similar thing, so just for testing I created a folder added it as a source, add the movie folder, put in the artwork and created a .strm file with the plugin url needed to get the sources for the selected video.

Now the initial dialog comes up and scrapes the sites to get the urls, but then once this is completed instead of the menu showing the sources popping up I get a Playback failed error.

Which I guess makes sense as I'm presuming the end result of the strm file is to get a playable video instead of a menu, but i've seen other plugins handle this and was just wondering if anyone had an idea on how to get the menu to display where you can select the source and then it plays?


Staff member
May 7, 2012
When calling the plugin url, you should send it a 'mode' or some unique identifier that your addon can pick up on and perform the proper action - execute the right block of code

Basically you should be passing in a parameter that will pull up the source selection portion of you addon

Giving us some of your code would help