Looking to put bass and voices back into my movies...need some help


New member
Jun 16, 2012
I haven't delt with the home audio world for the last 7 years(busy with two kids...lol) So I am kinda out of the loop. I currently have PIONEER VSX-D412 that had the sub non functional do to cross country trip a couple of years ago. I have had this about 10-12 years and am not a big fan of 5.1 systems now because no matter how much I tweak the settings I have a hard time hearing voices which takes most of the fun out of the movie. Since I don't have a sub I have been surviving on replacement speakers. I completely removed the satellite speakers that came with it and hooked up four 2 foot 3 way speakers and the sound is great but it seems like this unit is filtering out all the bass that is suppose to goto the standalone sub that is not available anymore. I am looking to just replace the receiver to send out a signal to the 2 footers that I already have(which I will probably upgrade later on). My tv does have a rca digital out that comes in handy. I have about $400 cap on the stereo. Any suggestions?