Bug [MAC MINI-Kodi 15.2] Apple Remote Quits Responding


New member
May 14, 2012
Since my Mac Mini 2011 upgraded to OSX El Capitan', Kodi 15.2 sporadically loses control of the Apple Remote. Never once had an issue prior to the OSX upgrade. One way to get the remote working again is to exit Kodi, toggling the “Disable remote control infrared receiver” in OSX off and back on again, and re-starting Kodi. By doing this, the Apple Remote works again for a bit. BTW, Pairing is completely turned off in OSX. Pairing the Apple Remote made no difference so I just shut it off completely. Changing input devices in Kodi from "Apple remote" to "Universal" didn't seem to make any difference either. Using a different Apple Remote and changing the batteries also didn't fix it. Delay starting and manually starting Kodi after rebooting OSX doesn't fix it as it seems to just sporadically stop working after using Kodi for a little while.:confused:

I've tried to search online for a solution, but haven't seen anything posted that works. I have a hard time believing no one else is using a Mac Mini for Kodi and having this problem. Does anyone know of a solution for this as it makes Kodi difficult to use for the family if the Apple Remote quits responding all the time.