Magic Dragon, nothing happens??


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Dec 4, 2017
hi! i have kodi 18.3 with the latest magic dragon addon installed on windows 10, latest updates are installed. when i try to open any of the 24/7 tv or movie streams nothing happens- for example, i get to the list of tv shows, click on the show, and nothing happens other than the selection sound in kodi. i've waited for awhile and tried other shows/movies but no results. i have another windows 10 computer on the same home network which loads these streams fine, so i'm wondering if this is a configuration issue on the computer? i've removed and reinstalled the addon, plus i did a fresh install of kodi and the addon on another computer, same issue.. any ideas? thanks for your time!


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Nov 21, 2012
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Sorry but this not a supported addon on this forum. For better support you should contact the developer of the addon.

Meanwhile you might want to try and rename your profile folder to something like kodi1 or something, then copy the profile folder from your working windows 10 machine to this one. If all goes well it should behave as the working one does.