Media Streaming to and from Android Smartphones


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Aug 19, 2013
I'm having a rather big problem with XBMC, I'm using version 12.2 of Frodo.
I can with ease stream video etc from my htpc to the phone and remotely control xbmc via the phone, it's an LG E612 running jellybean 4.1.2. However one cannot stream anything on the phone to xbmc to view.

I've attempted this using the builtin Smartshare application from LG, used Yatse , ArkMC, Media House, Avia and HomeDia media render/server applications and all with the same results.

With movies you will see a circle in the centre load up, it's segmented and is running in a circle as if it's loading the file but then just goes back to the background home or whatever else menu screen you're on in xbmc, as for pictures it will go one step further and go beyond the circle and load a blank black screen and that's all.

I'm totally confused and stumped about this and what to do.

Help please.
Thanks in advance

I can however stream successfully from my phone to pc and vice versa both video and image files using VLC Media player on pc and VLC Direct Pro on Android phone.