Morpheus for KODI (DESI Music Addon).


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May 15, 2017
I am a huge TVADDONS Fan and been using a lot of Programs and Video TVADDONS on my KODI.

However when I was looking for a complete Indian music addon on KODI or TVADDONS, could not find any so with my developer background and taking clues from your development posts I decided to build one. I feel I have built an extensive DESI music addon which Indian music lovers would enjoy, but you are the best judges of the same and your compliments would server as encouragement to add new features and your suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome to make this addon better. Morpheus comes with the following features.


- It is built to allow Users to make their own playlists of songs across multiple Music High-ways.
- It has the latest movie album songs playing in 320 kbps on Hindi High-way1.
- It has an extensive collection of songs new and old in High-way 2 to choose from in Hindi High-way2
- It provides latest Marathi movie albums in Marathi High-way1
- Hindi Music High-way2 will allow Users to browse songs by their favorite artists.
- 40+ and counting Radio stations around the world are included in RADIO HUB streaming you favorite music on Radio 24X7.
- You can create and share multiple playlists with friends.

Here is the link of the User Guide with Installation and operation instructions Morpheus_Guide.pdf for Morpheus.

Hope you like it.!!! Please pass on your feedback.
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