Move thumbnails to Windows Network(SMB) ?


Aug 19, 2013
I know there is a way to move all your thumbnails to a USB mounted HDD or thumb drive, but would it be possible to direct them to be stored on my PC, which would be Windows Network(SMB) ?


New member
Jun 10, 2014
I think its possible just because I remember reading about it. Things you should consider though...I don't think android devices will show up in your workgroup. And, if you do get it working I'm fairly sure it WILL slow things down a lot...probably more than its worth.
I store mine to an external directly connected (no hub) with usb3. And you see the lag in how the thumbnails appear on screen. But the tradeoff (having free space on aftv) is worth it I think. Having those import from a network share might be too much of a performance drop.
Your best bet might be storing them on usb3 connected to aftv. I can't get aftv to show up as a network share in xbmc. I can transfer files to and from but can't get it to work as a server. If I can get it working my setup will finally be complete.
Someone wrote a script for auto mounting smb/cifs shares. I had questions about possible conflicts and waiting for more info. If it works well I'll share it here. If your interested.