Movie addon idea: dvd/stream/review to pulsar or SA*TS or genesis - SCALABLE


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Sep 8, 2015
We all know how frustrating it is to get excited for a new movie, see it listed in a addon, just to find out it's poor quality or hardsubbed, or worse: it hasn't been released yet.

It would be great to have an addon that could pull lists from websites like Can I Stream It
It is a free service that allows you to search across the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where and when a movie is available.

Why not do this in kodi with streaming addons?

This addon should pull lists from their site, and then search for the chosen title on our favorite addon.

I'm 0 at coding but I believe that someone with a bit of addon experience can pull this off without too much work.
This can be seen as a mix of
Mancuniacol's Viewers
My Subscriptions Context Menu by kinkin

We just need to pull the info from Can I Stream It (if they are listed, there must be a rip out there with good quality), get the metadata and search for it with the our favorite addon.
Sounds good, right?

But... what if this was scalable??
I have to put all my faith in the community of! :cool:

This aproach can evolve to a Program Addon that can get input from content lists and output to your favorite streaming/downloading addon or script

Instead of making an addon to fetch lists from one site, create a way to add all the sites a user wants, as long as the data is in the proper format.

Anyone with a bit of coding skill could create content lists in the proper format that users can add as input list:
  • latest added on netflix
  • latest amazon bluray releases
  • most popular on itunes
  • the usual imdb lists
  • top rotten tomatoes dvd releases
  • a list of titles that were reviewed in your favorite movie blog
  • most popular dvd's in your country
  • most recent from your favorite niche webstore
  • etc, etc

The Addon presents the listed tittles with proper metadata to the user and could have features like:
  • list repository
  • add/remove/combine/filter the installed lists
  • library integration
  • powerful subcription system (add to library any new horror movie on netflix with a minimum score of 7 on imdb)

If no "actions" are setup, the addon will just list metadata, so it won't go against the rules regarding streaming.

The user may want to break the rules by setting up a stream or download as an "action" but what if that action is just stream a trailer? The end result will be similar to a trailer addon, but in lists defined by the user and organized by the user, not the developer.

Remember, this is about the input and the content you get listed and how it is curated by the users choices. When a movie is selected. something happens and that action is also up to the user.

A perfectly legal use could be: buy a blueray on amazon, and while you wait for it in the mail, you can go to kodi, access the amazon list or whatever list you use, find that movie, and with a click execute a script that creates a folder in your library, download the metadata, fanart and a trailer in 1080p. Everything is ready for the moment the disc arrives in your doorstep.

Or... choose a different "action", call an addon and stream a 1080p rip because you don't want to wait.

Examples of actions that can be called.
  • find a playable http stream (like genesis or SA*TS)
  • find/stream/download a torrent (like pulsar, torrenter, etc)
  • fetch a nzb
  • add to couchpotato
  • download/stream a trailer
  • simple notifications
  • add to netflix or amazon (why not? it's up to the user and the options are endless)

If something breaks, the user should switch/disable the input lists and/or the actions dependable from addons that are not being maintained. The idea is to make something flexible with lots of simple puzzle parts, easy to mantain by a community and most of those parts not essencial for the whole functionality.

If anyone wants to give it at go, count me in! I still have some more ideas, but this post is running too long.
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