Request Addon (debrid provider with search function build in)


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May 19, 2012
Hi forum,

I was watching a tv shows using Kodi last night and in the subtitles I downloaded I saw an awesome website:

The site is kind of like real-debrid but with a search function build in, which makes it so interesting.
To me it seems that an addon like "what the furk" can quite easily be adapted for this website.

I have not tested it thoroughly yet but it seems for now that the amount of content is huge.
Hopefully someone will be interested in creating an addon for this :D

If your try to register, set the language to Czech as otherwise there will be no activation email for some reason.

I am buying credit now, updates will follow.
update 1: paid 4 euro in bitcoins for 35GB
update 2: service is working as promised and the speed is as high as my internet speed. (70mbits)
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