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May 24, 2015
OK first off, sorry if Im asking in wrong place (dont just mean thread, mean forum & sites overall lol)

Im a longtime Kodi/xbmc user (windows & linux) & have (generally) always figured stuff out for myself or found the answer in the kodi wiki or right here on this excellent forum (bit of flattery to butter you up ;) ).

Joined Cablecutters forum because its an android box question (but quickly decided that wasnt the right place due to an admin/mod comment about not discussing piracy related addons (I mean isnt that essentially what cable cutting IS huh!!!) lol) but not only that its not as well supported as here yet and I doubt that Id get a reply let alone an answer.

Searched the wiki & though my answer may be in there I struck out, probably not phrasing my search correctly, so Ive returned here to the only forum where I am 100% sure Ill get an answer because your all such clever, intelligent, handsome, beautiful people. I mean you have to be to code these glorious add ons. (more flattery boy you guys are on a roll today.... or Im desperate lol)

So here we go, I have a rather extensive music collection (ex dj of over 25 years) 20TBs at last count. I want some (just my favourites) to be available in kodi on my remix mini android box. So I dusted off a 1TB hard drive and loaded it with the stuff I wanted, its nearly full lol.

Connected it up and scanned away & heres where the problem comes in.

It filled up my internal sd card in absolutley no time, had to delete the music library and clean it coz it filled 75% of the internal card from the 25% it had when I started the scan and I wasnt even half way through adding the music lol

I have added a 32GB external SD Card and have another few HDDs I can attach too if needed.

So here we are finally at the question.

How do/is it possible to change kodis default file path (for the music library scans) to the external sd card or even another external HDD (if the 32GB fills up too quick too)?

I have my Movies library and TV shows library on the external card as well as the fanart etc to keep the internal free for the android OS and apps as much as possible , just makes sense to me to keep data storage away from the os as much as possibel but this with the music has me well, flummoxed, kerfuffled, confused, feeling stupid, angry, embarrassed and at a loss.

Help me you gorgeous people.

PS I think its to do with the internal databse kodi uses top keep track of the music library as it does with movies & tv and Im guessing they are seperate databases but if its just one keeping track of all libraries could/can it be moved?
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Apr 7, 2017
Have you considered adding a USB drive to the unit?
Most boxes will ask you if you want to use them as your storage.
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