Bug MXQ Pro Kodi no streams found


New member
Nov 24, 2018
So today something odd happened, I purchased the mxq pro and it had Kodi already setup up. Now I’m not sure if it was pre loaded with a proxy (my guess is that it was) but I had the bright idea to plug my Xbox one controller into the unit for easier navigation as the remote is painfully slow. Now this caused Kodi to go completely nuts for 10 seconds and then it just went black. I reloaded the app multiple times and even hard reset the device. I looked online and saw that this black screen problem happened too a few people and all the fixes were to re install the app, which is what I did. I re added all of the Addons (****** being the main one) but now when ever I search for a movie or any show it finds nothing or only 5 standard definition streams. I don’t use a VPN but prior to this happening I didn’t need too and it always found heaps of copies of what I was looking for! Please help haha!! I’ve been looking and trying everything to resolve this the last 4 hours! All I want to do is watch it’s always sunny!!