Nas server


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Dec 9, 2013
Hey I'm still a bit away from this but I'm constantly trying to get more research done and keep finding new things. .... I want an htpc that I can use as a gaming center so was thinking of going with a good desktop. .... also want to run my home mostly off my library so was going to make sure I could have a bunch of hds on the computer. But I have also looked into using a dedicated nas server so I'd get more storage availability and all my boxes would pull from that and not tax my computer. Looking into that further I have found out that some nas servers offer link aggregation which in turn would make it easier for multiple rooms to be streaming without affecting quality. (At least this is what I'm gathering) so if I do that I need a switch to be able to do this with. But if I'm not mistaken the switch also will help speed up all my in network transfers.
Looking just for input and if I'm missing anything.