NBA on Demmand addon question


New member
Aug 16, 2020
Hello. First of all, congratulatinos for the authors of the addon, I think it is great. Now with the case. I have currently running the addon in my mobile, with kodi v17.6 krypton, and the version of the addon is 2.0.7. In this device, when I choose any content, a game or whatever, I get a list of available resolutions, so I can choose 480p. The problem is that with 720p the playback is not working, it gets paused all the time, it is not a problem of speed in the connectino because I am able to play high quality content from other sources....

Now, the weird thing is that I have kodi, v18.8 Leia in other devices, and the version of the add on is the same, but in these devices I don´t have the option to choose resolution, so all the content plays at 720p and get paused too frequently.

It is important to me, because I am not going to use the mobile phone for this content, I am interested in using it in the devices attached to a TV.

Is there any way to enable the resolution selection screen?...

I have been looking for the option in other addons, maybe the nba addon relies on other one that has this configuration, but I haven´t been able to find anythong about it, grrrr...

Best regards and thank you very much in advance.