Need a bit of input from you


Aug 31, 2017

My game is a mix of sudoku and battleship

I have a situation that i have to exposed to you ,and I'm not sure on how to deal with it ...

I have a boat of dimension 5 but only 3 free cells exposed it and 2 cover it up,

This mean that you have to resolve 3 cell to sink it, that non sense!

When you have a boat of 5 and you hit 3 times with the free cell, instead of becoming usually red the cell will become orange, which give you a hint that the boat is bigger, and you will know that few hits remains

So i taught that you can click again one of the orange cells and a mathematical problem will appear and if you solve it, you will hit spot 4 so this position will become red, then you click again on a orange spot and another mathematical problem appear when you solve it, the boat 5 will sink and all cells will be red at this point

What do you think about this idea, any comments are welcome


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Nov 21, 2012
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That sounds good.
I am not sure why the change of color though. All the battleship games I have ever played never changed color until the complete sinking of the ship. Meaning, if it still isn't red it is still afloat and tells the player more cells need attacked/solved in order to sink the ship.
Not sure if that would even make a difference for your game though but something to consider for ease of coding maybe.