Request Need help extracting links from public url


New member
Jun 30, 2016
Hello there -

I've made a number of M3u playlists in my time, and I've played with .xml a bit, but I have had much luck getting URL's to resolve into a playlist. To keep things on the easy side, I often use a browser plugin called "PLexit" just to make quick additions to my "Watch Later" playlist in Plex. I can then see my content almost anywhere.

I'm really familiar with jDownloader as well, and I can't force a download or playlist on this particular site. All of the videos are public, and free to view. I just can't figure out ma good way to extract anything.

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions. Happy to do the work. Just lost as to where to start. When I look at the page source, I'm not seeing videos listed as videos, they have videos embedded into page url's I believe. I'd like to grab them all and make one big list -

Thanks very much