Need Help With A Video Issue With Kodi On Window 10....PLEASE? Thanks


New member
Jan 29, 2017
Chattanooga, TN.
Kodi Jarvis Is Installed On My Windows 10 Computer, And Add-Ons Also, Sound Is Perfect In Everything, But All The Videos I Try To Play....Movies Or Live Streaming, They Are Like They Are Either Zoomed In And Only Showing Flickering Colors On The Screen, But They Play And Sound Is Fine, But Why Wouldn't The Videos/Steams Show Up Correctly? I Have The Same Kodi Jarvis On My Cell And EVERYTHING IS PERFECT Configured For Android. But On My Windows 10 Its Configured Right For Windows And Just The Videos Play But Just A Colored Screen Shows Up....Its The Legit Videos, But Like Its ZOOMED IN? ANY THOUGHTS? Thanks For Any Help On This!