Need help with g-box


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May 17, 2013
Trying to redo an original gbox, but not having much luck. Keep getting parse error when trying to install the current version of Kodi. Is there any way to get an older version of Kodi?... at least football season is over!



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May 26, 2016
Southwest Florida
Update your Firmware! This may help you out.
Here are the instructions to do this

Complete the 2.2.1 manual firmware reflash on your G-box Q using an SD card.

What You Need

G-Box Q
An empty SD card (formatted to FAT32 with at least 2 GB of memory and no more than 32 GB of memory)
Computer with SD card slot
Google Chrome browser (using Internet Explorer or safari to download these files can cause complications with this process)
First start by downloading the firmware files. You can download the firmware by clicking each file individually.


Once you have downloaded the two files above, you will copy and paste them onto your empty SD card.
(there must be no other files on the SD card, and the zipped files must remain zipped)
After you have placed the two files onto your SD card, you will begin the toothpick method.
Disconnect power from G-box Q.
Insert SD card with firmware files into card slot on the side of your G-box Q.
Insert toothpick or similar object into “reset” hole on the back of your G-box Q, until you feel a click.
Once you feel the click of the reset button, Hold it down with toothpick while reconnecting the power to your G-box Q.
Hold down the button for roughly 20-30 seconds or until you see your screen change.
Select “Apply Update From EXT”
Select the Update Zip file
Select Reboot System now

This is from the manufacturer's support site


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Feb 16, 2017
If the gbox is an older version like an mx-2 the firmware wont support the newer kodi it has to do with the andriod version being below 4.5. A better choice might be looking into LibreElec. it has a linux base, and has a newer more secure python version, that can support the newer versions of kodi. I believe LE 8.0 and higher are kodi 17.0+

With that said older versions of kodi can be found at the kodi mirrors site