Need help with getting videos


New member
Apr 30, 2017
So, I'm very new to all this Kodi AddOn Development. I made so far a small add-on for me (for now) that is linking content from Youtube channels and playlists.

I now want to try something more advanced, but I'm having some problems. Let's explain what I'm trying to do with this example so hopefully someone can guide me on what should I be looking for.

Let's say I'm making an addon that will pull videos from (Adults site warning) So far I know how to get the menus to build and list categories and videos from those categories. But I get lost when I try to provide the user with links to play the video, and also provide them with the quality options that they provide on that website.

How would I go around this? I don't know what I should search for and how to convert that into a menu item that Kodi can play.

Thanks for your time on reading it any help will be appreciated.


Dec 26, 2013
It would be inconvenient to the user if you keep asking for stream quality for every video.
Normally you provide a quality selection in addon setting. A one time setting that the user does on installing the addon
You can read that option from within the addon and then when the user selects a video play the stream with the quality read from the addon settings