Network diagnostics yielded interesting results!


New member
May 28, 2012
Derbyshire, UK
So, for some reason, I decided to play one of the kids' movies from the NAS on my Pi and it seemed to time out. Thinking it must be the NAS, I moved the file to a PC and tried again. Still timing out.

So I decided to borrow the wifi dongle from my PC downstairs (with no real hope of anything working) instead of using the Netgear power line adapter. Amazingly, it worked first time and not only fixed the network issue, but also seems to have reduced buffering on streams!

Just in case anyone else has one kicking around, the dongle is a TP Link WN722N which you can get for about £10 and is a high gain aerial. The only downside is its quite bulky so I needed to use a USB extension cable.